Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

My job, as it stands now, is pretty slack. Actually, it's painfully boring. I show up, attend a meeting in which people try to figure out how to do the least amount of work while simultaneously looking as if they are star performers, and then trudge off to my office. Once there, I try to look extremely busy - usually by typing furiously on the computer - until the doctor whose office is next door leaves. Then it's off to the coffee shop or wandering down to a coworker's office to gab. Occasionally there's a moment of furious activity, but those are usually short lived. The rest of the time I spend fending off Annoying Coworker, who likes to talk about "back in the day, when I was a (amateur novelist, phone therapist, unemployed telemarketer, peon in the Department of Social Security)." Yesterday he went into his dating history, which was almost enough to make me throw myself out the window. Yes, it was that bad.

So that leaves me with only one choice:

The time waster of the day!

Today it's origami, my perennial hobby that seems to surface every other year or so. Origami is perfect for office time wasting, as it requires only a square sheet of paper. My office is filled with little squares of paper, just begging to become something more interesting than what's written upon them. "I'm sorry, you were looking for that patient's next appointment? Uhm, I think it's in the frog. Or maybe the fish ..."

Just be careful what you're using to fold!

Post-It notes are perfect, since they're already square, but I did these two with some blank note sheets after trimming one side.

The butterfly is a design by Yoshikawa, while the dragonfly is a traditional design. Ths Smurfs have nothing to do with anything, outside of the fact that I work in addiction medicine, and they can represent temptation and resistance. Or they're a holdover from my chaplain days. Whatever.

I folded the dragonfly from a diagram I found online this morning, but now am having trouble finding it again. Sigh. However, I've added a link on the right to a blog by an awesome folder. Enjoy.

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