Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Things Fall Apart

And this has been the season for it. I just talked to the mechanic, and it looks like my clutch line has air in it (unlike my sails, which have had the wind removed!) again. So now we're working on what to do next. Ordering parts from Korea is what it sounds like is on the menu. On the good side of things, my guitar is done, and I'm going to pick it up today. Hopefully it will be even more awesome than it was when I dropped it off. I'm using Drink Man's electric right now, but I prefer mine ...

Work is still boring the hell out of me, and I have an hour left. I need to prepare for tomorrow's group meeting and drug screening, but that's about as exciting as a root canal, so I'm procrastinating. No surprise there!

Still no word on my mother's dog, Haley, who is on the verge of passing from this world to the next. Looks like liver failure, pancreitis, and possibly cancer. Though she rallied a little bit this morning. I'm just hoping that there's a pain-free outcome to this for Haley. It's bringing back memories of everything One Ring and I went through with Peanut, which is helpful in providing support for my mother. It's also hard, of course.

Other than that, nothing is goin on. A few errands to run tonight, a church meeting, and that's about it.

More later as events unfold.

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