Thursday, March 5, 2009

One Hour More

And nothing going on in my neck of the woods. Just finished the chart notes for the group I led this morning. Everything is all set for tomorrow (the doctor is in the ER, so I basically have the day to myself - think I'm going to call the Chaplain HQ in Hampton, VA and see if they still have my resume). Still no word on my mother's dog; I'll have to call either her or my brother and see what's going on.

While wandering about, I spotted this on a japanese origami website. As I cannot read kanji, I cannot credit the author. However, I can say that it's a leafy sea dragon, one of One Ring's favorite animals. I thought it was impressive enough to post here.

Unfortunately, I could not find a diagram for this model, so she won't be receiving this anytime soon!

56 minutes to go. Sigh. I hate it when time drags like this!

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