Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It's also my sister's birthday. Sadly, though, we're not Irish. My maternal grandmother, God rest her soul, used to pride herself on being "pure blooded English." As if that was better than being anything else. My grandfather, in contrast, has as his heritage a big question mark. All attempts at genealogy have failed within one or two generations removed. It's possible that he was Italian. Sicillian was my guess, based on a possible corruption of his name. My grandmother didn't like to talk about his family, save to mention that they were "from the wrong side of the tracks" while she was a member of the garden club. Yeah, class warfare was brewing in my family!

And I certainly didn't help matters when, as the self-appointed family genealogist, I traced her family back to a knight who lived just outside of London, England, in the 15th century!

So, no, we're most assuredly not Irish. But hopefully some of the luck will flow our way! Either that or green beer; I'm not picky!

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