Friday, October 24, 2008

Your Disney World Moment

Today's gotten off to a rocky start, with several of my patients misbehaving (and risking being tossed from the program). Thus I only have a moment to post. And since I have yet to transfer the pictures we took to my computer, I can only post this picture that I took with my cell phone.

The story behind it is that One Ring and I were walking through EPCOT when One Ring decided that she wanted to see which characters were at the meet and greet. So we went into the pavilion where all of that was taking place, but the line was way too long to even consider staying. So we went back outside.

We paused outside the character pavilion in order to readjust our gear and decide where we were going next when we heard a knock on the window. There was Minnie Mouse, waving to One Ring! I quickly pulled out my cell phone and snapped this picture:

It was a small event, overall, but it was one of those unexpected moments that made our vacation special. I'll post more pictures later today or this weekend, assuming I can find my sanity and have the time.


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