Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Admit It; I'm A Geek

I have a wristwatch that is currently bugging the hell out of me. Okay, maybe that's a little intense, but the thing chimes on the hour and I can't figure out how to make it stop. I also can't find the instructions. So the watch is now sitting in another room in my house, beeping away every hour, annoying everyone within earshot (especially at 2 AM). After several attempts to correct the situation - and failing miserably - I figured I needed to buy a cheap analog style watch that wouldn't beep, chirp, chime, or even have a working alarm.

It's a lot harder, these days, to find an analog watch - especially a CHEAP one - than you might think. Not sure why, but I guess putting all the gears together costs more than an led screen. Who knows. At any rate, I finally found a proper pirate - style watch on Ebay. Behold!

And I should be getting it within the week. : )

Since I stopped wearing the wristwatch, I've found that the day actually seems to go quicker. Odd how not having time pieces lying all over the place helps! I'm not all that used to having a pocket watch, but hopefully it will do the trick.

And yes, I am a big time pirate geek. Sigh!

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