Monday, October 6, 2008


It's Monday, and I'm not a happy camper.

First off, this weekend went pretty well, but in the area of puppy adoptions, we crashed and burned. One of the dogs - Domino - was supposed to go out to a newly married couple. Well, apparently they still need to work on their communication, because the wife emailed us saying that the husband decided that it was a bad idea. Why he didn't bring that up when we had the puppy over their house is beyond me. We've got a couple of maybes, but given that people just don't seem to back up their words with actions lately, I'm not holding my breath. We went to yet another adoption fair, where the puppies finally collapsed after a day of being held and licking faces - we've trained them to do that, hoping that will hasten their adoption!
Now, wouldn't you want to adopt something this cute???

At any rate, we're at 7 puppies and holding. So if you know someone who's looking for a loving, playful puppy, let me know!!! We have them listed on the SPCA of TN website.

On the plus side, Vanderbilt won it's fifth game in a row, and is 5-0 - something they haven't done since 1943. They beat Auburn to get there, so I'm thinking the apocalypse is on its way. And looking at the economic news of the day, I'm growing more convinced that it is.

Despite that, vacation is in 11 days. I really need it. Work has been really annoying. I've got a patient who is seriously standing on my last nerve. Practicing compassion is not all that easy today! In fact, a coworker and I have been writing songs to blow off steam. So far my favorite is "Borderline Soldier" which is to the tune of Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. I may post them as soon as we get it written down. I'm too weary at this point to try and remember what we were singing!

Okay, I'm trying to get refills for my contact prescription. More later.

And adopt my puppies!


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