Friday, January 30, 2009

Time Wasters, Inc.

Today's one of those odd days here at the office. The doctor with whom I work is doing her rounds in the ER, and we do not have any scheduled patient appointments. So there's very little to do except meet with coworkers and discuss ways to improve things around her (I suspect that's why I was moved to this new office), wonder about downsizing or - as I am doing now - surf the net aimlessly.

This has become a bit of a hobby of mine lately. Jumping from link to link and seeing where I end up. Usually this means that I arrive at the conclusion that there are a lot of scary people in the world with a lot of weird ideas! Not to mention huge amounts of spare time ...

Then again, my interests tend towards the odd as well. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised when I end up on some Goth fashion or music page, or find myself trying to decipher the writings of an obscure cult group that is trying to channel the spirits of dragons (true story!). Weird, but fun. And a time waster.

Right now I'm listening to the soundtrack from the new Underworld movie - which, surprisingly, I haven't seen yet. Odd music. Not even sure how I would label it, since the songs are remixes (think techno / dance versions, mostly) of works by the Cure, Maynard James Keenan (of Tool and A Perfect Circle), The Deftones, Perry Ferrell, and several others of whom I've never heard. Dance meets depression? Kinda fits my mood, though, in a weird bipolar sort of way.

One Ring is showing up in about 30 minutes so we can have lunch together. I'm going to give her the tour and introduce her to some of my colleagues. Hopefully that will inspire her to complete her studies in record time! No, seriously, it could be a whole lot worse. As in unemployment, or slaving away at the coffee shop for $7/hour.

So for now I'm just chilling out here, looking up guitar tabs for random songs (Judith by A Perfect Circle, Wake Me When September Ends by Green Day, and Tom Sawyer by Rush were the last few), and waiting on lunch. After that, there will be four hours to kill and then it's off for the weekend. We have friends coming over for a (very small) Super Bowl party on Sunday, and last night we finally replaced our dying television. We'll see how much a 32" LCD improves our life. Probably not much, since we tend not to pay much attention to such things!

Okay, time to close this down. More later this afternoon.

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