Monday, January 26, 2009

Monday Morning Doldrums

Since moving to my new post at work, I've had to deal with an odd shift in patterns of energy. By that I mean one moment things can be extremely chaotic and frantic, and the next work has ground to a halt and hours are wasted with nothing to do. In my old post, I would usually harass Drink Man or some of my other coworkers. Now, though, especially on Mondays and Fridays, there is literally no one on my wing of this office building. Which makes for great nap opportunities, but little else.

Still, compared to unemployment, this place is right next to heaven. Of course there are a few "except for"s in there, but oh, well.

I purposefully did not write anything on Friday, because I was fighting with the powers that be over my paycheck. The last battle was over the amount they withheld for federal taxes. Long story short, if they have to write a check, they do not look at the withholdings the employee requests; they just take 25% off the top and call it a day. So I ended up making about $400 less, and what was supposed to be a huge paycheck turned out to be less than what I normally make, including weeks with federal holidays built in (I don't get paid for those).

Needless to say, rage, threats to quit, and cries to One Ring to take me to Disney World (only a trip to "The Happiest Place on Earth" could make this better!) were the order of the day.

So I didn't write, out of fear of what would end up here.

Once cooler heads prevailed, though, the weekend went well. Nothing spectacular happened; I was just able to catch up on some sleep, run some errands, attend a Bataan Death March - like series of meetings at church, sleep some more, and practice the guitar. Sadly, no acts of piracy were committed during this time.

I did receive a nice compliment from a former chaplain colleague. She suggested that I go into chaplain supervisor training, saying that she thought I had the gifts for the job. However, given my turbulent theological and philosophical history, and my penchant for bursting into flames when I get around fundamentalist Christian bookstores (or any fundamentalist religious types, for that matter!), I really can't say that it's a good idea. To be honest, I simply don't know what I believe, or even what's worth believing in, at this stage of my life. But that's a post for later on today, as I predict that the doldrums will continue.

For now, though, I've been handed a series of urine drug screens that I have to get ready for tomorrow's clinic. Oh, how I wish I could go back to my old post!

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