Monday, January 26, 2009

New Meme from Facebook.

Over on Facebook, several of my friends have been posting this little do-dad. So, just for chuckles, and for the sake of putting something a little more upbeat than my usual complaining about work, I figured I'd tack it up here. Enjoy.
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Or if you hate this kind of thing, just ignore it!

1. Several of the women I once dated have since friended me on Facebook. I find this oddly complimentary.

2. I know more about the Haunted Mansion ride in Walt Disney World (and other Disney parks) than any sane person should.

3. I have set foot on 15 foreign countries. Not bad for a homebody!

4. I didn’t really start drinking until I attended Vanderbilt Divinity School. Thankfully, I’ve cut back quite a bit!

5. I used to pass out during the drug education portion of health class…

6. ... which makes my being an addiction therapist an even odder occupation.

7. I have perfomed many, many weddings and funerals during the 8 years that I was active in the parish ministry and two years of hospital chaplaincy. I much prefer funerals to weddings (see below).

8. I lived in Siberia for three months. During the winter. Hello 40 below!

9. I’ve been told that I do good impersonations of Gollum, Grover, and Jack Sparrow. Oh, and Pepe the King Prawn from the Muppets, too.

10. I once officiated a wedding where the maid of honor beat up a bridesmaid at the reception. Hence my love of funerals.

11. I actually officiated a wedding in Las Vegas. And no, I was not dressed as Elvis!

12. I was a Russian Major at Old Dominion University and planned to be a spy.

13. I am finally learning to play the guitar, 22 years after first being offered the chance.

14. I once took a Dale Carnegie public speaking course. They told me I would be very successful – so long as I did not speak publicly. I then went on to 8 years of public speaking.

15. I decorated my car in a “Haunted Mansion” / “Nightmare Before Christmas” theme.

16. I have been studying Zen Buddhism off and on since college. Every so often I’m tempted to shave my head and run away to Asia.

17. When I was young, I participated in a puppet ministry and wanted to be a Muppeteer.

18. My first job upon my return to Nashville was working in a coffee shop at a Books-A-Million. My second job wasn’t much better.

19. I now am able to make an awesome latte, though!

20. When I was 12 I was hit by a car and (literally) knocked out of my shoes. Even today, I have a phobia about crossing streets.

21. I tried to join the Coast Guard after college. They told me I couldn’t become an officer because I wear glasses. I didn’t sign up.

22. One day I hope to write the definitive book on the meaning of life. I suspect that it will be very short.

23. For some reason, my wife thinks I’m very funny.

24. I miss the coffee caucuses we used to hold with our friends in Virginia.

25. I always wanted to own a Beagle. A dog to call my own. A four legged best friend. So we got one. He loves my wife more than me. So I got my own dog. And found out she was pregnant two weeks before she gave birth to 8 pups.

Feel free to comment. Or not. Hope this was caused a chuckle.

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