Thursday, January 21, 2010

So Much to Say

...but I'm really not sure where to begin.

Like many - if not all - of you, I've been in shock over the last week or so. The earthquake in Haiti has dominated the news, and the reports and images of massive amounts of suffering are numbing. I saw estimates on CNN this morning that have 75,000 dead and over a million homeless. Take into account the wounded, and those who will soon be affected by disease, dehydration, and starvation, and the result is staggering.

And that makes Pat Robertson's comments and Rush Limbaugh's rant even more evil, in my opinion. At a time when we need compassion and a massive outpouring of relief aid and financial support so Haiti may rebuild, we have pundits - certifiable ones at that - trying to grab the limelight with outrageous and uninformed statements. There is simply no excuse, either religious or secular, that can justify such behavior.

Granted, condemnation has come from every corner of the globe - at least the corners unfortunate enough to pick up Robertson and Limbaugh on their TVs or radios. But I feel I must add my voice to the outcry and a prayer that these two, and people like them, can rub two brain cells together and have a rational thought before they open their mouths.

I may post more today - hopefully a more enjoyable and light hearted post - but for the moment work is calling.

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