Friday, January 8, 2010

Bring Me The Horizon!

Lke everyone else in the U.S., we're caught in that arctic air mass that's bringing the possibility of snow to Orlando and ice to everywhere else in the country. Currently it's snowing, as it did yesterday, but there's no accumulation. Of course, it's also cold as all get out, with temperatures in the single digits, once you factor in wind chill. The drive here was oh, so amusing, as I had to spend longer looking out for ice patches when on the secondary roads, and avoiding the fools who thought that it was still summer and drove like they were trying out for NASCAR. Also fun was the heat in my car, which, due to the extremes in temperatures, was a tad slower to respond to my needs than in other days this winter. This graph clearly shows this fact:

So I was kinda grumpy when I arrived at work. Sleepy, too. One Ring and I stayed up late to watch the Crimson Tide win over the University of Texas. No, I didn't go to Alabama for college, but both of One Ring's parents did, so I am pretty much a fan by default. It doesn't help that Vanderbilt, where I got my masters degree, is also in the SEC, and is embarrassed on a yearly basis by the performance of its football team. So rooting for Alabama is a chance for me to cheer for a team that actually wins games.

But now with college bowl season over, that's one less thing that's nice about the winter time. Indeed, we are now in the doldrums of the season, and my body is feeling the change. I want to curl up under tons of blankets and not move for hours on end. Either that of travel / move somewhere warm. And that means going to the Caribbean, because that's the last place in the Northern Hemisphere that's still warm!

So I did the usual seek and find on the internet - jobs, houses, boats, possible competitive gangs of pirates, etc. And, as expected, no one is hiring. Let's face it, the Caribbean may be my dream home, but in terms of employment opportunities, there's not much there. Not only that, but it sadly appears that I'm roughly 300 years too late. Alas.

I've also burned up all of my vacation time during our trip to Virginia, so it looks like I'm staying put for a while. Still, though, one can dream of sunshine, clear blue waters, and freedom from work!

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