Monday, January 4, 2010

I Want Some of This Here Rum!

I'm freezing my tail off at work - apparently someone higher up on the chain of command feels that cold workers work harder. And with the cold comes thoughts of the Carribean, a place I haven't been in far too long. I even tried to find a cruise that would get me away from here, but alas, there's not enough funds to get us on the way.

So the next step was to look at pirate sites to see what's going on with my favorite subject. And over at, I found this:

I have no idea what the stuff tastes like - it could be bilge water for all I know - but I'm tempted to pick up a bottle just for the marketing alone. Check out their website, and you'll see what I mean. Bilgemunky himself hasn't even tried it yet, but check out the package they sent him in order to get his review:

Like I said, brilliant marketing! Maybe some day this blog will be famous enough to rate this kind of service!

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