Friday, September 18, 2009

I Knew I Liked Him for a Reason!

So here he is. Our President (hear me right wing birthers and tea-baggers? He's OUR PRESIDENT!) on the White House lawn helping Chicago get the nod to host an upcoming Summer Olympics. And what is he doing? He's fencing! With a light saber!

Okay, so maybe the light saber thing is a tad geeky - okay, VERY geeky - but fencing is cool. How do I know? Because I was a fencer for a good many years, and still have the gear in my garage should I be lucky enough to find a fencing club nearby. Yes, I have swords, so anyone who dares say that fencing isn't cool better beware. Any takers? Didn't think so!

In other news, I'm leaving in 45 minutes to go home and get ready for a funeral. Good to get off work early, but very bad to get off early so I can say good-bye to someone who went to my church. One Ring is singing, so we'll have to be there early. That's no problem, though. After that we're going out to dinner with some friends and then it's the weekend! And believe me, it couldn't come any sooner!

In more serious news, my mother was taken to the hospital today with chest and head pain. No word yet on what's going on; the test results haven't come in. I just got off the phone with my sister and her thoughts are leaning towards a reaction to extreme stress, and not an actual coronary event. Even so, I'd appreciate if you would keep my mother and my family in your thoughts and prayers. Thanks.

That's all for now. I'm ready to close down this flea circus.


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