Saturday, February 27, 2010

Ex-girlfriend / Pirate Update

I was just notified via email that my ex and her mother (who are on a cruise ship travelling from South Africa to India) are making a wide curve around Somalia and its surrounding waters in order to avoid the freebooters and wanna-be pirates infesting the area. Despite my comments in my last post that I was "strangely conflicted about this," I have to say that I did not at any time want harm to fall to her or anyone else travelling in or around those waters. Like most people in the world, I hope that one day Somalia will be able to fashion a government (they haven't had one in about 10 years), and make their coastline safe for all.

So there. I hope that avoids any misinterpretations of my words from my previous posts.

I also hope that my ex will also be inspired by these words (and my wonderful personality and charm!) to bring me several bottles of South African wine and other goodies! : )

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