Monday, November 30, 2009

Wish I Had This Shirt When I Was In Grad School!

Back at Vanderbilt, I ran afoul of an organization called the Campus Crusade for Christ. Rabid little bunch, they were. One of their members made it her personal mission to "save" me from my misbegotten ways - when actually I was pretty well behaved at the time! Anyways, there were theological arguments galore and name calling ("Blasphemer!" "Loony!"). Always are, in situations like that.

At any rate, I saw this shirt today while killing time before I get to go home. If only I had this shirt in those days. Probably would have driven the poor, naive thing to madness! And that's something this pirate can get behind!
In case you're looking for something to get me for the holidays, you can find the shirt here.

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