Friday, October 2, 2009

Doom Buggy 2.0

Yes, sadly, my beloved Doom Buggy and I are parting ways. Not that there's anything wrong with her - at the moment - but she's getting a tad long in the tooth (158,000 miles will do that to you!), and I've had to replace the clutch and felt that I needed to move on before anything more costly happens. Plus, I did some research and found that she's only worth about $250.00 as a trade in. And that's counting the new CD player I had installed!

But what was I to do? What car could possibly replace the Doom Buggy?

For the last couple of months, I've been tracking a used Toyota Yaris S at a local Toyota dealership. After all, I reasoned, what would be better for a daily commuter who happened to have a pirate obsession than a Yaaaaaarrrrrrris? So off we went.

Long story short, it was a miserable experience. The salesman knew nothing about the car, which was covered in cobwebs and dirt (seriously, if you're trying to sell a car, wouldn't you at least clean it first? It drove fine, despite having no pickup (105 horsepower at best) and a very cramped feeling interior. The weirdest part, though, was the reaction of the salesman when we expressed our desire to look at other cars. Despite the initial drop in price from the sticker (an outrageous $17,900) to the still too much "internet price" of $15,900, he dropped the price another $1,000. Then, after we told him that we'd think about it, he called me on my cell not 5 minutes after we pulled out of the lot and said that he'd drop it again and add some sort of leather package. I turned to One Ring and said, "What the heck is wrong with this car that they're dropping it over $3,500 without us even saying anything?"

She agreed that something was up, and we kept driving. At the next lot, we met the Doom Buggy's successor.

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present, Doom Buggy 2.0!

She's a lovely 2007 Honda (I've moved up from a Hyundai to a Honda!!!!!) Civic with 30,000 miles. She was less than the Yaris, and gets better gas mileage despite being a much larger car. Huge amounts of power. Cannons not included, sadly.

And no, I will not be adding stickers or other graphics to the hood or body of this one. I'll probably move the Doom Buggy plate from the old car (or buy another), though. Oh, and the white marks on the hood and bumper are reflections of the clouds overhead. No damage here!

So I'm doing the happy dance as I prepare to get out of here for the weekend. 55 minutes and I'm home freeeeeeeee!

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