Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hi, Remember Me?

Didn't think so. Life's been so insanely busy lately, there have been times when I've almost forgotten who I was and what I'm supposed to be doing! Of course, I just blame the ADD and keep on going.

So here's the update: One Ring is down to her final paper for the semester. It's due on Thursday, so I don't really expect to see her much until then. I've been locking myself in the spare bedroom (otherwise known as "my play room"), where I've been hammering away on Drink Man's electric guitar. I was supposed to give it back to him last week, but he's been busy with a new puppy (no, not one of ours; he bought an - get this - Irish Wolfhound!). So I'm hanging onto it as long as I can. Last night I worked on chords, playing "Kumbaya" (which I am beginning to hate!) and the first part of John Lennon's Happy Xmas (War is Over) . Needless to say, my rendition of the latter doesn't sound anything like the song that Lennon wrote!

Meanwhile, One Ring and I are getting ready for a brief trip to Florida with her family. I'd normally be looking forward to it, but I've been too busy to even notice that the time is rapidly approaching. Which is a shame, because normally I like anticipating vacations - even short ones.

Christmas is going to be spent in TN this year. It will be the first Christmas I've ever spent away from my family, so I'm expecting some odd emotional moments. Granted, I'm 38, so it shouldn't mean anything, but who knows. The good news is that this will be the first Christmas where One Ring and I do not have to travel anywhere! Why? Well, I have to work the 24th and 26th and One Ring and I were drafted into working on the Christmas Eve service, since the Pastor of our church is currently recovering from hip surgery. Personally I think she planned it this way - Lord knows I would if I were in her shoes, but that's just me.

Short story is that I'm staying at home with One Ring and the dogs this Christmas. Everyone else has to visit us. Yay!

Okay, it's almost time for lunch. Hopefully today will not be like yesterday and I'll get to blog more as the day progresses.


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