Thursday, November 20, 2008

More on Those Pesky East African Pirates

Just a quick note to bring everyone up to speed on what's been going on in the waters off Somalia. Seems that the pirates still have a hold on the Ukrainian frieghter that's carrying missles, tanks, and ammunition, while other pirates have captured a Saudi oil tanker. Meanwhile, yet another navy, this time from India of all places, has sailed into the area.

Unlike all the other fleets in these waters - such as ships belonging to the U.S. Navy - the Indian ship Tabar actually engaged and sank what they called a pirate "mother ship" after the pirates made the mistake of opening fire on them. Some of the pirates fled in small motor boats after their base ship was left burning and sinking.

You can read more about the modern pirates and the ongoing battle here.

You know, I'm just not getting these modern pirate types. 17th century pirates NEVER, to the best of my knowledge, willingly engaged any vessel that had more firepower. They used hit and run tactics. These Somali types hit, but then they hang around for weeks on end! And then they're surprised when they're attacked and sunk? Go fig. They're deserving of Davy Jones' locker, I say. Send 'em all to th' bottom!

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